Our References – CARAVITA patio umbrellas all over the world!

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Amusement Park Ravensburger Spieleland, Germany

Patio Umbrella Primus, different dimensions, octangular, canopy Dickson 8202 blue.

Social institution “Pidinger Werkstätten”, Piding, Germany

Patio umbrella Amalfi Classic 9’11” x 9’11”, canopy U203 yellow, trim strip yellow 32, frame RAL 7012 basalt grey, with wind hood.

Kindergarten, Germany

Patio umbrella Samara Ø 13’1″, frame RAL 9016 traffic white, canopy U 704 light green and U 610 turquoise, trim strip light green and sky blue, floating valance, wind roof.

Retirement home, Germany

Patio umbrella Big Ben 16’4″ x 16’4″, canopy U492 acapulco, trim strip E407 cherry red, frame RAL 7035 light grey.

Lake Rothsee, Franconian Lake District, Germany

Patio umbrella Samara Classic, different dimensions, canopy U906 grey, trim strip E902 grey, with flowing valance, with wind roof.